Avez vous géré l'installation électrique de votre logement ?

In a context where the price of electricity is rising, but especially considering the issues of the energy transition, it is important to set a goal for energy savings. By avoiding all forms of waste and by adopting good practices to use less energy, a household contributes to the protection of the planet. Also, the benefits are seen at the portfolio level, thanks to a lower electricity bill. To make energy savings, it is important to be concerned, at the same time, his contract of electricity and its electrical installations. What for?

Know how to choose his electricity contract

Since the energy market is opened to competition, the consumer has the power of choice. Now he can freely change its electricity contract according to its needs, or if he is not satisfied by the price of electricity imposed by its supplier. If you're at EDF Orléans, this page will allow you to contact them if ever ask yourself questions about your contract. Several electricity and gas suppliers compete and offer different types of offers to develop their market share. By taking the time to compare several offers, you can better choose a contract that will guarantee a lower price of electricity. You will find here all the information about the different offers as well as the commissioning of your electricity.

And more products that they provide individuals, some of electricity and/or gas distribution companies provide also advice and expertise to help their customers to make energy savings. For example, you can ask for an audit of your facilities or regulatory energy audits. In France, energy suppliers are required to encourage and help their clients to optimize their energy consumption. Certificates of energy savings (ERC) exist to regulate the sector. They were created by the law of July 2005 POPE.

Energy saving: the importance of electrical installations

Have an profitable electricity contract is only the first step to reduce the budget dedicated to energy in a household. Certainly, you can already do lower your Bill, with a price of electricity down. However, it is possible to maximize your savings with you focus on your facility. It is sometimes possible to replace the inefficient by most economic models. Today, despite a rather high price, home automation technology can help to limit the waste of energy in your home.

To consume your energy intelligently, consider using LED lamps as lighting solution. Incandescent lamps are more efficient and are no longer topical. Then, encourage the use of appliances with an energy saving label. It is important to refer to all of the features of a device before the Act of purchase rather than be limited to design or functionality. Grade A +++ means that a product consumes little energy. On the other hand, avoid a product which carries the D note. This shows you that the aircraft in question requires too much energy for its operation.

Heating facilities are essential in a home, as well as lighting. They guarantee a good level of comfort. Air conditioning you cool in summer and warms in winter. However, you can optimize the use of its devices by monitoring the heat insulation of your home. Be aware that by making improvements in insulation, you can benefit from some financial aid from the State.

Lighting solutions, you can install home automation systems to better control your consumption of electricity. By positioning the windows in the right places, you can limit the use of lamps when it's light. Finally, you can consider to install renewable energy devices and generate your own electricity.