• General electricity: Installation, renovation, troubleshooting
  • Individuals, companies, tertiary sector, communities and industry
  • New and renovation (partial or total)
  • Facilities under moldings, chutes, recessed and cable trays
  • Troubleshooting and service interventions
  • Maintenance, maintenance contracts, periodic visits of controls
  • Updating the safety standards according to NF C15-100, NF 100 C14, C16-600 XP
  • Electric replacement of tables and cabinets
  • Wiring and connection of wardrobe CLOSETS
  • Taken networks
  • Lighting networks
  • Telephone networks
  • Computer networks (see tab computer cabling)
  • Electric heating: convector, radiators, dry towels, heated floors...
  • Power development of the attic
  • Management of domestic lighting, outdoor, gardens... (Led sources, light and multiple radio commands)
  • Motor (220V or solar) portals pre-equipped opening
  • Controls, audits, security facilities
  • Controls and detection of bio-electric fields



  • Wiring networks computing professional
  • Wiring computer networks private
  • Cabling computer network VDI (voice, data, image)
  • 5, 6, 7 categories
  • Computer bays
  • Mixing panels
  • Certification of charges
  • Computer recipe with provision of a CA from the network


  • Wired residential intercom
  • Intercom residential radio (partner DAITEM)
  • Collective intercom
  • Intercommunication
  • Troubleshooting


  • Residential video doorman
  • Tertiary video doorman
  • Collective video doorman


  • Indoor and outdoor intrusion detection
  • Audible and Visual alert
  • Wired systems
  • 100% free son and autonomous (partner DAITEM) radio systems
  • Systems mixed radio and wired
  • Remote monitoring (partner SECURITAS Alert services)
  • Transmissions alarm telephone PSTN, ADSL and mobile phone operator
  • Lifting of doubt audio and video
  • Products NFA2P
  • Rescued by battery systems
  • Preventive and curative maintenance

Intrusion alarm


  • Digital camera
  • Analog camera
  • Fixed camera
  • Camera motorized
  • Day/night camera and/or Infra Red
  • High definition camera of bass
  • Digital video recorder (DVR/NVR) analog or IP network available
  • Consultation to distance from records and direct sequence.
  • Research and export of recorded events
  • Alarm on detection of movement in the image
  • Transmissions of alert movement by e-mail with transmission of video sequence

Video surveillance


  • Gestions d'accès motorisé ou non (portes, portails, sas...)
  • Clavier à codes autonomes
  • Lecteur de badges de proximité autonomes
  • Biométrie
  • Centrale de gestions multi-accès
  • Logiciel d'exploitation des accès et d'autorisations personnalisées
  • Maintenance

Contrôle d'accès


  • Vente de Lampes germicides UVC mobiles
  • Avec ou sans Ozone
  • Pour tout locaux jusqu'à 40m² ou 100m²
  • Temporisations réglable jusqu'à 60 minutes
  • Extinction automatique
  • Plus d'infos


(ou appel malade)

  • Système résidentiel autonome secouru par batterie
  • Système collectif
  • Par médaillon
  • Par poire d'appel
  • Par bracelet anti-fugue
  • Transmission directe de l'alerte vers un ou plusieurs membres de la famille ou vers une centrale de télésurveillance (partenaire SECURITAS Alert services)
  • Dialogue main libre à distance (interphonie)

Appel Malade


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